It's Been a Gas!

The cast and crew of CORNER GAS have been humbled by the response that
CORNER GAS has inspired. We're going to miss you, too!

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Written: 03/28/2009

As a Canadian working overseas, I've been especially glad to be able to watch Corner Gas on Youtube.  It's so nice to have a little bit of 'home' each week.  My daughter recently moved to Saskatoon to work on her phd, and she introduced me to praire scramble.  Now we connect almost everyday, by playing a few games together.  Thankyou Corner Gas for keeping me Canadian, even far far from home. You guys are great.  Maggie.

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Written: 03/28/2009

Well, it's going to be sad to see the end of Corner Gas!
I first became aware of it on a family visit to Saskatchewan in Summer 2006, when I purchased the first two seasons' DVDs. We don't get it on any channels in Scotland (you don't get this option when you register, hence a provincial location for my user name!!), which is a shame considering some of the US junk they seem to think we want to watch! Having been a regular visitor to the area over the years, I was able to relate entirely to the humour and every time I watch it brings back such vivid memories of my visits to Canada. I have all 5 seasons' DVDs now, and will be eagerly anticipating the release of the final season later in the year.
If I have to think of my favourite episodes, The Littlest Yarbo in Season 3 is up there, evoking memories of the Littlest Hobo for myself and members of my family. Also, the episode where Brent's parents pretended they weren't married was equally memorable, with Davies taking on his wedding planner role with such gusto.
I could probably think of loads more to write, however will sign of with a big thanks to Brent, Lacey, Wanda, Hank, Oscar, Emma, Davis & Karen for bringing big laughs to another corner of the world, and wish you a long & happy retirement!

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Written: 03/28/2009

First I just want to say Thank You all for the laughs, the experiences, the many stories that we have shared by watching your show. You all are the main focus for our family on Monday nights and we are going to miss you. It feels like a family member is leaving our lives. When we first heard that the show was going to be no more we ran through all of the various emotions as if someone was passing, anger, frustration, disbelief, denial, sadness. We were sure that this show would have continued for many many years as all exceptional Canadian shows do, and this show is a very exceptional show. You all will be missed.....This last summer we made the trek to "Dog River" and the experience was very rewarding, we all were glad that we could be there before the show ended, we did not see any of the cast members but an episode was being filmed, and it made us feel even closer to the show. I just hope you realize what the show meant to everyone and as some of the other people voiced, I hope there will be at least one movie if not more. Thanks again and good luck to everyone!

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Written: 03/27/2009

Thank you for all the laughs. I love the show, and no matter how many times I see an episode, it never gets old. I watched so many episodes the last time I was down sick my Dad said he was going to steal my collection if he had to listen to the opening song one more time.

It's an awesome show and I'm sad to see it go, but at least I have all the seasons. Definately my favourite Canadian show of all time!

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Written: 03/27/2009

Hearty thanks for 6 years of  'much ado about nothing' hilarity. Good Luck in your future endeavors.

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Written: 03/27/2009

Along with millions of others I am very saddened by the loss of such a great show.  It has been the best half hour on tv since the first show.  Thanks for so many laughs, and so much fun watching all the quirky people living around the Corner Gas corner.  You will all live forever in my heart, and on DVDs.  I hope you all go on to other great things, but none of them will be bigger or better.  Good luck in your futures.  If you look up "rock" in the dictionary, it will describe this show.

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Written: 03/27/2009

Hi. Corner Gas is so "Saskatchewan". I love the show, and can relate to so many thingsd. It's good to have a show you can sit down and watch with your grandchildren, and they love it to.

so sorry to see you go, it's been an awesome ride

Marilyn E

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Written: 03/27/2009

Thanks..your show has been an family entertainment pleasure. I have especially enjoyed the Prairie Humour which was captured so well...My husband and I residing in BC..were both from Manitoba orginally. It has been an opportunity for our son to enjoy true prairie humour..I was excited to see the autograph up on the wall in  our local gas station / corner store..left by "Davis" Lorne on his trip through Mt. Currie, B.C...The staff in the store assured me ..he was planning on visiting this area again, hope I time it right this time..I look forward to enjoying future entertainment with members of this cast. Great Job everyone!  You ..the characters you played so well... will be missed. My other half..falls asleep regularly through most programs..but made it a point to be awake for Corner Gas..I think that says it all.!

The The Three B's of Bear Bottom Hollow

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Written: 03/27/2009

NO, NO don't leave us!!!. I will truly miss this show. I rarely watch TV but this is one show that I have faithlly watched over the past 6 years. Monday night was always reserved for Corner Gas and if I was not going to be home I would tape the show and watch it later. Been orginally  from Humboldt, Saskatchewan I am proud to know the good talent that exists in such a great province.

LA from Edmonton 

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Written: 03/27/2009

I discovered Corner Gas shortly after immigrating to Ontario from Michigan.  It was the first show that really said.. "Oh, Canada!" to me.  I would just like to thank the entire cast and crew for bringing so much laughter into our house on Monday evenings (oh, and a bit of swearing on the times CTV moved the show around randomly).  You will very much be missed in this household as 9.30pm had become a time of togetherness here.

Thank you again.  I wish you all luck in the future. 

All good things must come to an end, but your show was truly something special.

Thank you.

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Written: 03/27/2009

I first discovered Corner Gas sitting on a camp bed in the wilds of Idaho.  I had come over from Australia to participate in a camp for needy kids, and one of my fellow camp leaders was from Saskatchewan.  Her mother was sending her video'd Corner Gas episodes and we watched one every night!   I was hooked and since then my favorite Christmas Gift has been a Season Set of Corner Gas.   It is now being discovered here in Australia, screening weekly on our SBS channel.   THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH - writers/directors/producers/actors and all who make this such a great production.   Parts of CG have become words we now use in an everyday sense, such at Staycation.  Wishing everyone continued success in whatever endeavour you make - you deserve the best!

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Written: 03/27/2009

Never have I watched a show so faithfully, never have I enjoyed a show so much and never will I miss a show so much when it's gone. Thanks Brent, Gabrielle, Fred, Eric, Janet, Lorne, Tara, Nancy and Cavan. You all have made me even more proud to be a Saskatchewanite You will all be deeply missed ( especially you Lacey ;) )

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Written: 03/27/2009

This was one of the funniest shows on Canadian television in a long time. For me in Buffalo, it was a great link my Canadian past, although the show could just as well have been about small-town New York, Oklahoma, Kansas or North Dakota. The humor (mostly) translated very well. I wish all the cast and crew the best of luck in their future endeavors

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Written: 03/27/2009

Why oh why does it have to end so soon? And here I had hopes of it matching the Beachcombers! LOL Well, it's been a blast! I'm going to miss this show a lot. I'm hoping it's not entirely the end. Maybe a reunion, or a Christmas special in the future? Best wishes to everyone! And thanks for all the laughs!

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Written: 03/27/2009

Dear C.G.

We will miss having "gas" and will forever love you, sniff ! 
Thanks for the good times and bonne change.
Ron.  ))

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Written: 03/27/2009

Thank you so very much for all the wonderful episodes of Corner Gas.  This kind of humour is unsurpassed, and we will miss you terribly.

Good luck to all of you in your future endeavours.

Roger & Olivette Arseneault
Bathurst, NB

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Written: 03/27/2009

Its been great watching for the last 6 years! I guess I can sell my tv now as theres nothing nearly as good as Corner Gas on!

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Written: 03/27/2009

From Day 1, Corner Gas has proved to be another Canadian success story, and I'm proud to be one of the many fans. My wife and I had the chance to visit Dog River in 2005. That visit was the highlight of our Ontario to BC adventure. What a thrill to see the buildings and houses we'd seen every week for years. A photo of us standing at the door to the Ruby has a prominent place on the wall of our home. Best wishes to everyone involved in this wonderful series. I can't wait for "Corner Gas - The Movie". Thank you all for a great ride. W. Hammond, Hamilton

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Written: 03/27/2009

To Corner Gas, I'm only 13 years old, and i've been watching Corner Gas for 2 years. I can't thank you enough for the laughs and family time you've given me. Monday nights will never be the same again. Corner Gas was the one and only show i stayed up past 9 to watch. This was truly an amazing Canadian show, and a show we will never forget. I've already watched most of the episodes so muchthat i have half of them memorized, but they never get old! Thanks for the memories, laughs and everything else!!! Ali

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Written: 03/27/2009

Dear  Corner Gas Crew,  I have  soooo enjoyed your show and will miss you all very much. I laugh so much sometimes my sides hurt. You are definitely good medicine. I wish you all they very best in the future and look foreward to seeing you in new venues. It has definitely been a gas. I love you all. I will be ordering all your seasons as I know I have probably missed some and I enjoy watching you over and over again. Thanks for the laughs. God bless you all. 

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Written: 03/27/2009

Hi Corner Gas and all the great cast.
I just would like to say thank you for the great entertaiment you have given us the last 6 season,s.
it has been a great run for sure. I am one of the orginal chatter,s from the Ruby.
Was able to make some wonderful friend,s in that chat room,some of which we were able to meet in person.
Had some great time,s together.
By way of the Ruby Betty and I were introduced and the highlite of it all was that Corner Gas and c t v
allowed us to get married right at the pump,s at the set in Dog River.
Thank you so much we are sharing a wonderful life together.
Also had the pleasure of meeting the cast and have made a special friend in Lacey.
Farwell to everyone and the best of luck in the future.

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Written: 03/27/2009

You guys will be sorely missed!  Good clean laughs every week.
Hopefully you'll be in re-runs forever!

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Written: 03/27/2009

THANK YOU, CAST & CREW, for all the Monday night laughs. Monday night T.V. will not be the same without all of you. Thank you for the opportunity to play the games and win props at the auction, that was very generous. I was able to decorate my office with the Corner Gas theme. Thanks, also, to those who kept the site running smoothly and to all those who made me laugh with their posts. I will miss you all.

Wendy J.
Lethbridge, Alberta

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Written: 03/27/2009

Corner Gas has brought me so many memories and so many laughs, I'm gonna miss it a lot.
Thank you to the entire cast for all the entertainment you have given me, I will never forget any of you!

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Written: 03/27/2009

It's extremely tough to say goodbye to the place "Where There's Not a Lot Goin' On"... but I understand Brent's decision. Now it's time for re-runs all the time....but you know what? That's alright!
Because a Corner Gas episode is always enjoyable, and always funny, even after the 5th, 6th, or 7th time you've heard/seen the joke and watched an episode. 
Yep, that's right, Corner Gas will never, ever get old! 

Corner Gas will always be the best Canadian show and will always be the best comedy to ever hit television!
No words can truly describe what an amazing show Corner Gas is!
But I would still like to say thanks. Thanks a bundle for 6 seasons of non-stop laughter!! 

Best of luck to the actors and actresses...
Best of luck to every single person affiliated with the show in any way....

You guys rock and you've made Monday's so much better!!!

Thanks again!!!!!

The guy who's stuck in the city, GoDavisGo.

P.S. To everyone who has helped run the Ruby forum, you guys have done a great job! The auctions and the games...inredible, and very fun!! 
Too bad it can't stay; there's a lot of memories here, and I've made a lot of good friends here.
But thanks a lot guys! I appreciate everything you have done!!

P.S.S.  Long live the Brent Bucaneers!!!

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Written: 03/27/2009

Being from Saskatchewan and now living in the world of Obama, I have to thank the whole crew for many years of enjoyment. I couldn't wait to order the new season DVD each year, it bought part of Saskatchewan into my home and heart. You have shown the world once again that Canda has some of the best in actors and producers around. I will be sad to hear that the show is over, but thanks once again for all of the good laughs.

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Written: 03/27/2009

Last July on my way to Alysham, Sask.  I drove through the hamlet  that Corner Gas is filmed in.  After arriving home in Kelowna, British Columbia I thought I ought to see what that tv show was all about and I have not missed an episode.   The evening that Oscar collected the pencils on the school bus is my shining memory, and every kid in my grandson's grade 3 class room hides their pencil when I walk into the classroom.  I sincerely hope I NEVER get stopped by the RCMP as I may end up in handcuffs.

Gonna miss each and everyone of you and Oscar you will live on forever. 

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Written: 03/27/2009

To the cast & crew of Corner Gas: Thank you to each & everyone one of you for doing all that you do! As someone who grew up in Saskatchewan -- the down-home, prairie humor is much-appreciated! Wish all of you the best in your future endeavors. Hopefully, there'll be a 'reunion' show in years to come. Mondays just won't be the same -- miss you already! Continue to enjoy moving forward...all the best. Linda & Kerry Coaldale, AB

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Written: 03/27/2009

What will we do on Mondays ?  We love the show and all our friends think we are quirky  from Kelowna

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Written: 03/27/2009

     "Parting is such sweet sorrow", thus those famous words reflect the way I feel about Corner Gas leaving the airwaves.
     Thanks for the memories, the fun, for proving once again that Canadian TV and its performers are the very best in the world. 
     Where does one begin to express how they feel about a show that has become a part of their family. Each member of the cast reminds us of a family member near and dear to us. 
     How empty our Monday nights will be, without you. 
      Corner Gas brought us together as a nation sharing our laughter. Hank, Wanda, Oscar, Davis, Brent, Lacey, Emma, Karen were welcomed into our home .  It also proved that the people of Saskatchewan were good sports .
   The underlining mesage of the show was clear.... in this fast-pace world  we live in , it is the simple things in life we so often take for granted.  
      Slow down and smell the roses.[ gas fumes]
 Thank-you, Corner Gas  for six wonderful years. The best to everyone. I sure hope there is a movie or two in the future.
                          Sheila aka gen-gal

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Written: 03/27/2009

Gonna miss you all *sniff*.
At least I've got all the shows on DVD.
Good luck to any and all you do in the future!!

Hopefully that'll involve Brent doing colour commentating on Canucks games again ... (and yes, Chris Pronger's head does look too small for his body!)

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Written: 03/27/2009

Thanks for all the great laughs.  Our family is going to miss all the great times we had watching Corner Gas--wishing you all the best in your new adventures.

We'll be watching all the re-runs faithfully!!

God Bless.

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Written: 03/27/2009

Thanks a lot for all the laughs Corner Gas. Here's hoping for some sort of sequel. Thanks for all the entertainment you've provided, as well. It's been a gas.

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Written: 03/25/2009

Greetings Corner Gas,

My name is James. I code Corner Gas Online. Teamplay, auction, scramble, video postcards, combine racing, the ruby forum, this farewell module, and others were programmed by myself. I setup and take care of the hardware and I help out with general site maintenance. I'll miss working on this website. Thanks for helping to keep the lights on, Corner Gas! (and the free keychain and coffee mug. they're sweet!)

My small way of honouring the show was to name my black lab Lacey! She'll be 2 in April/09.

I never got to meet or correspond with any of the show's staff or talent, but the product of their efforts is a true gem, in my opinion.

So thanks to Frogger, pamphlet and honeybuns for all the great deadlines, bug reports and especially for going to the wall to get me my own Gemini for the 20th. Thanks to the community members for being so active and passionate, giving me something to do for the last 5 years. Thanks to NetNation for being solid throughout.

James Sas

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Written: 03/23/2009

Thanks for the laughs for the past few years.  We are going to miss you guys.  All the best!

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