Brent Butt was born and raised in the small farming town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan. As the youngest of seven children, one does what one can to be noticed, and at an early age Brent discovered that being funny was a good way to get and hold people's attention. When he was 12 years old, he watched a stand-up comic on television. He immediately told his mother that he was going to be a comedian. Not fully understanding what he was talking about, she said,"Go ahead."

Brent honed his comedic storytelling prowess at the local coffee shop, where he and his friends would sit around - literally for hours at a time - discussing everything from world domination, to the most comfortable kind of socks. Brent insists, "Coffee shop conversations are a great way to learn comedy. It's relaxed and conversational and the jokes build naturally without forcing them."

In high school, Brent performed stand-up comedy at variety nights and drama nights. When he was 20, a comedy club opened up in nearby Saskatoon and Brent moved to the city to pursue a career in humour. He moved through the ranks incredibly quickly, and within four months of his first amateur night he was offered a tour on the road. After a year he was headlining in Toronto, and after only four years he was showcased in his own gala performance at the world's largest international comedy festival, Montreal's Just For Laughs.

His career, which was the subject of an episode of the cultural affairs program Adrienne Clarkson Presents, is an interesting one. Brent has been a regular on the Just For Laughs TV show, as well as appearing on numerous national and international television programs. Aside from his own national special Bedtime with Brent Butt, he has been seen on A&E, HBO, CBC, CTV, and Global. His one-hour TV special entitled Comedy Now - Funnypants earned him a Gemini Nomination in the category of "Best Comedy Performance". He was named "Best Male Stand-Up" at the 2001 Canadian Comedy Awards and was subsequently selected to represent his country on the World Comedy Tour in Australia. He followed that by hosting the Just For Laughs Asian Tour in Singapore. His invitation to appear on the CBC 50th Anniversary Special entitled All-Star Comedy Homecoming secured his reputation as one of the funniest people in the country, as he performed alongside the most noted comedic minds from the past five decades of Canadian entertainment.

Over the years, Butt, who claims he never went after an acting career, landed bit parts in various productions such as 2000's Duets, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, the Bob Saget directed TV movie Becoming Dick, and episodes of The Kids In The Hall, The X-Files (1998) and Millennium (1997). Most recently he has appeared on Cold Squad and the Revolutions 2005 feature Are We There Yet?

Who knew he was cooking up his own series, Corner Gas, set in the tiny town of Dog River with an odd bunch of archetypal characters? "It came together pretty quick, if you don't count the 17 years of being on the road as a standup," says Butt of the series for which he's presently writing the sixth season. Brent not only stars but also wears several hats including creator, writer and executive producer.

Corner Gas has become a Canadian hit. "For the first time in a generation, the highest-rated sitcom on primetime schedules here is a Canadian show, not American." (Hollywood Reporter-March 2005). Corner Gas remains one of the top ranked Canadian programs in any genre this season and ranking as high as No. 12 on Canada's Top 20 list of programs. Corner Gas was nominated for a 2004 International Emmy Award surviving three rounds of preliminary judging from over 500 judges in 38 countries. Corner Gas has been nominated and won numerous Gemini Awards over the years, Canadian Comedy Awards, Director's Guild of Canada Awards, and was voted "Funniest Show on TV" by TV Guide readers.

Last fall Canada's #1 comedy went international securing a U.S. distribution deal with American cable network Superstation WGN. The series is available in nearly 70 million U.S. homes while it has been concurrently licensed to broadcasters serving 26 countries across 5 continents in all - countries including Australia, Iraq, Finland, Morocco and more.

Making his home in Vancouver for the last ten years, Brent continues to tour the country performing in clubs, theatres and as a much sought after corporate entertainer. "I love what I do." Butt says. "I look at it as just having coffee. Only now it's with hundreds of people at a time."

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