Tim McAuliffe
Tim McAuliffe is a comedy writer from Montreal, Canada. His credits include This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Corner Gas, The Hour With George Stromboulopoulos, the 2005 & 2006 Muchmusic Video Awards, Video On Trial, The 2008 East Coast Music Awards, The Totally Untrue History Of... and, most importantly, The Top 100 Videos of All-Time with Carmen Electra. He just made a feature film about the 2008 U.S. elections in Washington D.C. with fellow 22 Minutes writer/performer Nathan Fielder.

Tim's short film '88 Dodge Aries was featured on ABC TV's The Best Commercials You've Never Seen, and played at Montreal's Just for Laughs and the Boston Int. Comedy Festivals. It was also displayed on The Jumbo-tron at Madison Square Garden during a Rangers game. Another short film, Branding Mupatu, was featured at a variety of festivals.

When not working, Tim spends time with his wonderful couch and two beautiful loveseats. His hobbies include cliff sailing, surf diving, and power zoning.