Glad you could make it and check out the Corner Gas Photo Album. We'll put on our best smiles for ya as long as you're not from Wullerton *spit*. Find out more about the actors behind these residents of Dog River by clicking on their polaroid. Lacey Burrows is the proud owner of The Ruby and the newest addition to Dog River, Saskatchewan. She's a clever big city girl with a no-nonsense attitude and the face of an angel. The owner and proprietor of Corner Gas, Brent Leroy is a laid back entrepreneur with a quick wit and an unsubsiding hunger for chilidogs. Brent's calm nature and lighthearted demeanour make it easy for him to deal with all the characters and personalities inhabiting Dog River. Wanda Dollard is one of the smartest people to never leave Dog River. Her clever quips and sarcastic attitude make her Corner Gas' favorite and only employee. The older, wiser and more experienced cop on the beat, Davis is trying to teach Karen the old school ways of small town cop life. His newest challenge is Karen's ambitious and slightly naive nature disrupting his routine. Married to Oscar and Mother to Brent, Emma has learned to not take crap from anyone - including her husband and son. She is wise and can clean up a messy situation faster than you can blink an eye! As crabby as he is old, Oscar Leroy spends most of his time nit-picking at his son's work and trying to keep himself from getting screwed over. Hank is the mischievous and loveable friend to all. His hair brained schemes and lack of social etiquette make him one of Dog River's most favoured townsfolk. A newbie cop whose ambition is limited by Dog River's lack of excitement and danger, she often takes matters into her own hands and exaggerates situations just for a glimpse of action.