Episode 1 – Bone Dry 

When Brent messes up a gas order and Corner Gas runs out of fuel, Oscar steals all the food at the station to teach his son a lesson. No gas and no food cause locals to panic. Lacey takes advantage of the situation by offering “exotic” recipes at the Ruby. Meanwhile, Hank and Wanda make fuel out of corn but catch the suspicions of Karen and Davis, who think their experiment is a little less corny and little more “Breaking Bad”.

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Episode 2 – Squatch Your Language 

Davis and Emma share an obsession for the hit fantasy TV show THRONE STRIFE, much to Karen’s chagrin. Bored, she starts hanging out with a reluctant Oscar and the two realize they have more in common than they thought. Wanda and Hank try to freak out Brent with a Sasquatch hoax, but Hank’s inability to keep a secret makes things difficult.

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Episode 3 – None of Your Beef Wax 

Brent and the gang are annoyed when Lacey tries to make them eat local, but they soon have no choice but to eat farm-to-table when the town’s deliveries are mysteriously tardy. Meanwhile, Davis becomes a beekeeper to train “guard bees” as a security measure and Wanda turns his beeswax into candles to sell at a profit at Corner Gas.

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Episode 4 – Bait and Click 

Wanda is frustrated smartphones have replaced her as the town’s wellspring of knowledge so she sends clickbait texts tothe citizens of Dog River while Lacey uses Wanda’s texts to move menu items in the diner. Davis and Karen involve Hank in a police training exercise, and things get chaotic when he falls too deep into character and can’t get out. Frustrated that Brent doesn’t sell live bait at Corner Gas, Oscar sets up a Bait Shack across the street to teach his son a lesson.

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