Why Animate?

Brent Butt, David Storey and Virginia Thompson talked about the idea of an animated version of the series when they were making the original sitcom because of Brent’s love of comics and his talent as an illustrator. They didn’t take the idea seriously until after Corner Gas: The Movie, when fans asked for even more Corner Gas.

Brent thinks in pictures and doodles. When he created Corner Gas the sitcom, he and the team were always coming up with ideas that were funny, but would kneecap the show’s live action reality… and laws of physics. With Corner Gas Animated, Brent and the team have way more leeway in the stories they can tell. If one of our characters needs to be on the moon fighting a dragon with a wiffle bat to make the joke work, Corner Gas Animated can do it. The animated series can flaunt the laws of physics, nature and man, without ever damaging our reality. It’s so perfect – maintaining our authenticity, while doing whatever we want.