Season 4

Episode 1

Parachute the Messenger

Brent and Wanda help Lacey overcome her fears so she can go skydiving. Hank becomes the town messenger, while Oscar and Emma go to war with Karen and Davis over a prime potato planting locale.

Guest starring Mark McKinney. 

Episode 2

Mother Father Figure

Wanda, Lacey, and Karen team up to fix The Ruby’s broken toaster. Emma and Oscar have an impression-off, while Davis is excited when he discovers Hank owns a valuable action figure.

Episode 3

Snake and Eggs

Oscar’s convinced there’s a venomous cobra in his backyard. Hank discovers an intriguing bird’s nest and sets up a livestream so everyone in town can watch the eggs hatch.

Guest Starring Steven Page.

Episode 4

Trust Find

Brent discovers his parents put money aside for him, but Oscar’s forgotten where it is. Karen and Davis are hurt to learn how often people lie to the police and enlist Wanda as their lie detector. 

Episode 5

A Lot to be Desired

Karen, Wanda, and Lacey struggle to get noticed on a dating app, while Oscar, Emma, and Hank try to figure out who purchased the abandoned lot in town. Guest Starring Tantoo Cardinal. 


Episode 6

Law and Quarter

Brent and Karen go to war over the antiquated laws in Dog River while Hank and Emma track down Oscar’s prize quarter.


Episode 7

French Prints

When Dog River is bequeathed a town bell, the citizens can’t agree how it should be used. Oscar and Emma become coffee snobs, while Brent investigates Wanda’s strange spy-like behaviour.

Guest Starring Simu Liu.  

Episode 8

Swing and a Mist

Karen and Davis try to uncover why Karen suddenly has violently angry feelings toward Hank. The citizens of Dog Rover are captivated by the Leroys’ new swing while Brent, Wanda, and Lacey butt heads over aromatherapy. 

Episode 9

A Maze-Ing Taste

It’s the Dog River Corn Festival and Hank’s upset that Wanda’s replaced him as Corn Maze designer, but she’s got her eye on the Maze Master prize. Emma and Oscar compete with Davis to see who can complete their volunteer task first, while Brent and Lacey raise money by selling popcorn.

Guest Starring Rick Mercer.

Episode 10

Putt Putt Go

Karen is tasked with playing an online phone game for Fitzy while Wanda and Hank settle a bet with mini putt. Emma fills in for Lacey in The Ruby.