Season 3

Episode 1

Pink Flood

When Davis forgets Karen’s birthday, he rallies the gang to help him throw together a last-minute party with some unfortunate results. Meanwhile, Oscar reckons with the fact that he’s terrible at giving gifts.

Guest starring Win Butler of Arcade Fire.

Episode 2

Remembers Only

When Brent’s usual seat at the bar is stolen, he gets his own private VIP section. Hank loses his keys and enlists Lacey to help him retrace his steps. Wanda attempts to retrain Davis’s memory so he can use it for work and not just country music trivia.

Guest starring Brett Kissel.

Episode 3

Pact Rat

Davis accidentally totals the police cruiser and tries to cover it up. Hank and Wanda are tasked to make Dog River rat free, while Emma struggles to get Oscar onboard with spring cleaning.

Episode 4

Sound and Fury

Brent and Hank’s excitement over meeting their favourite wrestler turns to despair when they discover he has redefined himself – as a gardener!  Afraid of being spied on, Lacey gives Wanda her home assistant, but soon has misgivings.  Karen and Davis accidentally buy a personal massager with their police budget.

Guest starring Lance Storm, Bret Hart, and Trish Stratus.

Episode 5

Float Your Vote

Lacey plans a parade for Dog River Days with all the fixings and Wanda uses a mascot to convince a corporate sponsor to support the cause. Hank battles Emma for the beauty pageant crown.

Guest starring Jason Priestly.

Episode 6

Lock n' Loaf

Brent accidentally locks Hank and Wanda in Corner Gas. Emma tries to get out of making Davis’s special bread.

Episode 7

Give Pizza Chants

Davis tries to get Brent to join his rugby team, but Brent’s more focused on inventing a new rugby chant. Hank and Karen convince Lacey to start selling pizza in the Ruby.

Guest starring SportsCentre’s Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole.

Episode 8

Band Aid

The band Thunderface reunites but a song Brent wrote back in high school has Lacey investigating his mystery crush. Oscar shoots a fundraising video for the Seniors’ Centre. 

Episode 9

Bliss and Make-up

Inspired by a self-help book, Lacey tries to purge her possessions, imploring Brent to join. Wanda repairs junk to re-sell at the community yard sale. Oscar, Emma, and Davis become obsessed with Karen’s high-end beauty serums.  

Episode 10

The Fat and the Furious

The Corner Gas parking lot becomes a drive-in – thanks to Hank – putting Davis and Karen on high alert for potential criminal behaviour! Oscar and Emma take advantage, reliving their youthful friskiness. Lacey touches a nerve of Brent’s – his weight. 

Guest starring Andrea Martin.

Episode 11


Brent and Lacey go to great lengths to find each other the perfect Christmas present. Hank gets conned into helping Oscar and Emma prep their annual Christmas party and Wanda goes to war with the cops over her extreme Christmas lights display.