Season 2


Episode 1

Dream Waiver

Brent recruits Wanda to help him puzzle out recurring nightmares about being attacked by Michael J. Fox.  When Oscar gets hurt in The Ruby, Lacey must convince him and Emma not to sue. Meanwhile, Hank starts faking injuries to expose Davis and Karen’s poor First Aid skills.

Guest starring Michael J. Fox.

Episode 2

Drone and Dumber

When laser eye surgery improves Karen’s aim, she and Davis plan to scam the town at the annual Turkey Shoot.  Meanwhile, Wanda and Emma set out to test a turkey’s intelligence and Brent gets a new drone that he terrorizes Oscar with.


Episode 3

One Flu Over My Dead Body

Karen and Davis discover a mannequin dumped in the woods and try to solve this freaky, heinous crime. Back at Corner Gas, Brent surprises Wanda with a scanner, while over in The Ruby, Lacey, Oscar, Hank, and Emma get drawn into an unusual bet about hand sanitizer when Hank shows up with a bad cold.

Episode 4

Hedge Your Debts

Emma sees high art in Hank’s hedge-trimming and sells his services around town.  Prompted by Oscar, Brent tries to collect on the IOUs piling up at Corner Gas, resorting to unorthodox means.  Davis and Karen set up the cop shop in The Ruby, and Lacey is a little too eager to help.

Episode 5

Paper Sashay

When Wullerton’s weekly paper goes under, the gang worries the Dog River Howler will too.  Wanda and Emma set out to recruit new advertisers, while Brent helps Oscar start an online version that raises eyebrows.  Meanwhile Karen befriends a crow and Davis helps Lacey turn her ‘city walk’ into a ‘prairie shuffle.’

Cameo by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Episode 6

Oedipus Hex

Ike’s barn burns down and Lacey wants to help.  Can she lift the ‘curse’ Hank believes is causing Ike’s problems?  Lacey organizes a bachelor auction to raise money, attracting a mystery woman who bids high for Brent; the more time the two spend together, the more curious the town gets about the mystery woman’s identity….

Cameo by Commander Chris Hadfield

Episode 7

Pioneer and Deer

Pioneer Days in Dog River means Brent, Davis, Hank, and Karen head out on their annual deer ‘hunt’ – but this year Hank wants to change their methods. Wanda uncovers a shocking truth about founding pioneer woman Jane T. Wright. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to sneak into the fair despite being banned.

Episode 8

Bush League

It’s Darts Night at The Hotel Bar and Dog River is in an uproar. Wanda goes power mad, Davis and Karen make a dangerous bet, and Oscar recalls ‘the incident’ that made him give up the game for good. Meanwhile, Brent and Hank are lost in the woods – or are they found?

Cameo by Russell Peters

Episode 9

Tag You’re I.T.

Brent, Hank, and Emma compete to make the best viral video, while Karen and Davis set out to secretly GPS-tag all the locals to make their jobs easier.  At The Ruby, Lacey discovers everyone in town has been using her WiFi and recruits Wanda to help her password-protect.

Cameo by Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time.

Episode 10

Anger Games

Wanda builds her dream video game… then makes the mistake of asking Brent and Hank for feedback.  When Lacey and Karen realize Davis never gets angry, they decide to ‘help’ him release the pent-up stress – for his own good!  Meanwhile, Oscar and Emma dust off the ol’ crokinole board, but can’t quite remember why it used to be so much fun.

Episode 11

Doctors Without Boarders

Wanda’s new PhD in Philosophy confuses locals, who come to her for advice on their gory medical problems. Teenagers in town mistake Lacey for a ‘cool adult’ and Brent enjoys her attempts to stay ‘down with the kids.’ Meanwhile, Oscar discovers something sinister about Davis and Karen.
Cameo by Jann Arden.