Making an animated series is a lot like making a live action series...and a lot different. And because we love our fans, we created this production blog to take you behind-the-scenes to show you how we create the Animated version of Dog River. Corner Gas fans have been very excited and supportive of our new series, and part of the excitement brings questions, so we decided to start the blog off with some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this really animated? Like a cartoon?
A: Yes, all your favourite inhabitants of Dog River are still eccentric, but this time they’re drawn that way. You’ll see animated Brent, Lacey, Oscar, Hank, Emma, Wanda, Karen, Davis, and even Fitzy’s Grandma. There’s still a lot going on 40 kilometres from nowhere – only this time we’re not limited by the laws of physics.
Q: Is this for kids or adults?
A: Just like the original sitcom and the Movie, Corner Gas Animated is for everyone!
Q: Why an animated series?
A: After the original sitcom and the movie, Corner Gas fans wanted more. Both Brents (Butt and Leroy) are comic book fans and Brent Butt even studied animation for a short time. An animated series allows us to let our imaginations run wild, we can take viewers anywhere and do anything - it’s as limitless as Brent’s imagination! (But don’t worry about the Brent’s imagination thing – it won’t ALL be chili cheese dogs!)
Q: Are all of the original cast back?
A: Yes! Everyone is back, with the exception of the late Janet Wright, who passed away in 2016. At the suggestion of her family, her character, Emma Leroy, will be voiced by her long-time friend Corrine Koslo.
Q: What about everyone else? Will it still be my Happy Place?
A: Yes! Behind the "camera," Brent Butt, Virginia Thompson and David Storey have returned as Executive Producers and Robert de Lint is back as a Producer. We also have some new partners and team members.

We’re working with Smiley Guy Studios to do the animation. Leslie Thomas is our Producer, Mark Thornton and Todd Kauffman are the Animation Directors and the characters were designed by Greg Huculak. There’s a huge behind-the-scenes team working on the new show, some of whom you’ll meet in this blog. We’re very aware that the fans want the new show to be the same level of quality as the original show and the Movie. Corner Gas is as special to us as it is to the fans - it will still be the same hilarious Corner Gas you know and love, just in 2D!
Q: What about the events in the movie? Are Brent and Lacey together?
A: We aren’t going to give everything away here - we’re going to DRAW out the suspense! (See what we did there?!)
Q: Oh no! We don’t want to wait! When can we see it?
A: Stay tuned for more information, but we’re expecting it to air in Canada in early 2018 and we hope to have news for non-Canadians soon too.
Q: That’s too far away! Give us a tease!
A: Well, OK. Since you asked nicely. If you thought a werewolf fighting a robot in the Movie was fun, we’ll have a trip to an apocalyptic gas-free Dog River! You can also catch a little teaser and see animated Brent here!
Q: What’s happening next?
A: Keep coming back –we’ll have lots more goodies for you on this blog and cornergas.com. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest Howler headlines. Send us your questions! Maybe you’ll see the answer in a future blog entry.